Boston Tea Party

I timed my first blog entry to post on December 16, 2020 in honor of the anniversary of the Boston Tea Party. 

Let’s just say I like to get PoliTEAcal sometimes!

In 1773, an organized and infuriated group of Bostonians, joined by some impromptu enthusiasts, hacked open and threw the contents of hundreds of chests of tea into Boston Harbor. 

If you are curious about why tea became the target, why the people involved weren’t able to avert the crisis, when the name changed to what we use now, and more, check out these slides about the Boston Tea Party. Huzzah!

If you enjoy reading about tea history and culture, you might also enjoy my post The What and How of East Frisian Tea.

11 replies on “Boston Tea Party”

What a great way to kick off your site! What happened, The Destruction of Tea, was definitely not the kind of tea party I would want to go to. Thanks for sharing the slide show. A fun interactive way to look at the history of what happened and what the reasons behind it were.

Amazing slides – So pretty and I learnt a lot! Thanks so much for sharing about this and I can’t wait to read more posts! Have you read A Social History of Tea? It covers the Boston Tea Party as well, so you might be interested.

Thank you, Eustacia! I checked my bookshelf and I don’t have the one yet. Thanks for the recommendation and for the nice comments about my first blog post.

Love your newly launched website and am definitely trying this recipe.
Tea, cookies and a good read! What’s better than that!

Cathy: I can see we are of one mind on cookies and tea! If you give the recipe a try, I’d love to know what you think.

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