Review of Tea Magic in Williston Park

Tea Magic in Williston Park serves bubble teas (AKA boba or pearl tea), slushies, smoothies, and desserts in an adorable setting.

In this post, I will share my reflections on the vibe and what Tea Magic offers bubble tea lovers.

Inside Tea Magic in Williston Park

Tea Magic in Williston Park, New York is adorable! The interior features pops of green and pink with cartoon “tea fairies” painted on the walls.

Nooks provide inviting spaces to enjoy tea alone or with a friend. In the center of the seating area, a big wooden table is available for larger groups of people.

A selfie stand with a ring light is available by the bench with tea plushies, under a sign that says “tea, yes! you, maybe…” Definitely a picturesque space to enjoy some bubble tea or other fun drinks and desserts.

Bench with assorted bubble tea plushies in front of a neon sign that reads "tea, yes! you, maybe..." at Tea Magic in Williston Park, NY.

Bubble Tea & Desserts

Tea Magic in Williston Park features a wide selection of bubble teas. You can customize your sugar and ice levels. You can also choose tapioca boba, crystal boba, jelly, pudding, and a number of other toppings.

The shop carries classic and special milk teas, fruit teas, fresh fruit teas, fruit slushies, milk slushies, and smoothies. Taro and brown sugar (tea) soft serve ice cream are also on the menu.

So far, my family and I have tried the brown sugar milk tea, roasted oolong milk tea, caramel milk tea, honeydew milk tea, mango milk tea, taro milk tea.

Dessert counter at Tea Magic in Williston Park, featuring macarons, rainbow layer cake, sea salt caramel mousse, red velvet cake, chocolate fudge cake, and more!

Bubble tea research is very fun! We’ve been very happy with all our choices.

I don’t usually eat dessert and bubble tea together, and I usually can’t resist the bubble teas. So, I haven’t tried the desserts yet. They certainly look good. I can’t wait to try the soft serve, in particular. (I’ll update the blog after I do.)

If you have visited and tried things we haven’t, please share your recommendations in the comments!

Address and Parking in Williston Park

Tea Magic is in Williston Park (Nassau County), New York.

Address: 74 Hillside Ave, Williston Park, NY 11596

Parking/LIRR: Free parking is available on Hillside near the bubble tea shop, but it can be hit or miss with availability. Luckily, there is additional parking (time-limited) behind some of the businesses across the street on Hillside and on the side streets. Make sure to read the signs as some parking near that area is reserved for cars with certain permits.

Tea Magic is a short walk from the LIRR East Williston station (Oyster Bay line).

Instagram: @teamagicbobahillside

It’s easy to “sip, smile and enjoy the boba” at Tea Magic!

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